The Université de Bourgogne-Franche Comté is a French university. It will be involved through CIAD laboratory.

The laboratory of Connaissances et Intelligence Artificielle Distribuées (CIAD – UMR 7533) is a research laboratory working on distributed intelligence, including Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. It is a member of Carnot ARTS Institute. CIAD lab researchers managed safeplatoon ANR project that is a pioneer project for addressing platooning problems, contributed to H2020 SaferLC for improving the safety level of railway crossing and presented the 1st demonstration of an autonomous intersection of CAVs at the ITS World Congress 2015 Currently, they manage the digital twins of the mobility service users in the H2020 REDREAM project. The CIAD lab researchers are also involved in agent-based modeling and simulations to assess availability and scalabiilty of the proposed approaches through their JANUS/SARL platform[1]. The platform is currently used to simulate connected vehicles to circumvent hazards due dense traffic coupled with bad weather conditions.